11 Января 2012 года

Glasnost defence foundation digest No. 552

10 January 2012


Omsk. Court reinstates editor sacked for “deviation from party course”

See Digest 549

By Georgy Borodyansky, GDF correspondent in Siberian Federal District

Marina Yeliseyeva has been reinstated as editor-in-chief of the newspaper Tarskoye Priirtyshye (issued in the district of Tara, Omsk Region) after her replacement on orders from the head of the region’s Chief Administration for the Press, TV/Radio Broadcasting, and Media Affairs. The relevant court ruling (which came into force immediately, while remaining subject to potential challenging) was passed by the Central district court in Omsk on 27 December 2011.

As we have reported, Yeliseyeva’s dismissal as editor of one of Russia’s best local newspapers (with a circulation of 10,000 in a district with a population of 47,000) was actually decreed by the Omsk Region governor – according to the latter’s chief of staff, for her failure to ensure that the work of district authorities was covered “in the light of gubernatorial activities” (an instruction to this effect had been circulated among the district newspaper editors by the Chief Administration head, A. Belash.

Upon considering her protest, the court found this motivation for Yeliseyeva’s replacement unlawful, thereby acknowledging that even a government-controlled newspaper has the right to report on life events without any ideological restrictions. The court also awarded the plaintiff 41,000 roubles in back pay and 3,000 roubles in moral damages.



Conflicts registered by GDF Monitoring Service on RF territory in 2011

Total number of media-related conflicts recorded: 1,636

Deaths of journalists – 6

(Roman Nikiforov, editor, TPO Red Media show, Moscow; Pavel Balakirev, cameraman, Vesti-Peterburg State TV/Radio Company, St. Petersburg; Yakhya Magomedov, editor, Avar-language edition of As-Salam newspaper, Republic of Dagestan; Anatoly Bitkov, chief editor, Kolyma Plus TV channel, Magadan; Garun Kurbanov, head of Information Policy and Press Service Department under Dagestan President, Makhachkala; Khadzhimurad Kamalov, journalist and founder of Chernovik newspaper, Makhachkala).

The number of journalist deaths registered in 2010 was 12, in 2009 – 9.

Attacks on journalists – 81

January: Dmitry Derunets, journalist, TV Tsentr channel, Moscow; Alexander Sveshnikov, chief editor, Bogatei newspaper, Saratov; Dmitry Slastyonov, chief editor, Zarya Timmana newspaper, Republic of Komi.

February: Alexander Chernega, editor and founder, Paramushir-Vesti newspaper, Sakhalin Region; Anatoly Makarov, NTV reporter, Moscow; Ivan Ivanov, deputy editor-in-chief, Tass-Tsentr news agency, Moscow.

March: Vladimir Bogatyrev, Grazhdansky Golos newspaper, Kaliningrad Region; Gennady Sulimenko, commentator, Omsk State TV/Radio Company, Omsk; Irina Muzyka, Chas Pik show correspondent, Moscow; Igor Makeyev, freelancer, Kaliningrad Region; Sergey Topol, freelancer, Moscow; REN TV film crew, Moscow; Vitaly Kuzmin, journalist, Grazhdanskoye Soglasiye newspaper, Moscow Region.

April: Natalya Seibil, former chief editor, Pust Govoryat TV show, Moscow Region; Sergey Krasilnikov, journalist, Ulyanovsk Online, Ulyanovsk; Ilya Tyan, cameraman, Alpha-Kanal, Blagoveshchensk; film crew, SurgutInterNovosti TV Company, Tyumen Region; film crew, Ekipazh – Khronika Proisshestviy TV show, Nishny Novgorod; film crew, Tivikom channel, Ulan-Ude; Nadezhda Popova, journalist, Argumenty Nedeli newspaper, Moscow – attacked in 2009; Yuri Ugryumov, journalist NTV channel, Stavropol Region; Yelena Mikhalkova, chief editor, and Yevgeny Sidelnikov, cameraman, MTV-Abaza TV company, Republic of Khakassia; Semyon Kolobayev, journalist, MosOblEko newspaper, Moscow Region; Oleg Bocharov, editor, Maxim magazine, Moscow; Grigory Golosov, editor, Rossiyskoye Elektoralnoye Obozreniye magazine, St. Petersburg; Dmitry Andryushchenko, correspondent, Kommersant FM radio station, Moscow.

May: Magomed Khanmagomedov, correspondent, Chernovik newspaper, Republic of Dagestan; Ivan Tarasenko, journalist, Sovetsky Sport newspaper, Moscow; Yuri Samsonov, journalist, Novosti Klina newspaper, Moscow Region; Alexander Koltsov, journalist, Nara-Novost newspaper, Moscow Region; Georgy Balakov, correspondent, Saratovnews, Saratov; Vladimir Bukatka, REN TV cameraman, Channel One film crew, and NTV film crew – all attacked in Moscow; Eduard Shmonin, director, Chinovnik.ru web portal and Sever News magazine, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region; Elman Soltakhanov, journalist, Kommersant newspaper, Moscow; film crew, Novosti Nashego Goroda TV show, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region; Anna Artemyeva, photographer, Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Moscow; Mikhail Trofimov, journalist, NTV Plus, Moscow; Valentina Serash, correspondent, Puls TV/Radio Company, Rostov Region.

June: Denis Postolsky, correspondent, Tatar-Inform news agency, Khabarovsk; Sergey Kurikhin, founder, Vzglyad media holding, Saratov; Alexandra Shilova, camerawoman, TVC channel, Moscow.

July: Alexander Redin, journalist, Rabochaya Pravda newspaper, Moscow Region; James Brown, journalist, Russia Today TV channel, Chelyabinsk; Vladislav Malyshev, publisher, Rezonans newspaper, Saratov; Vladimir Gusev, freelancer, Sverdlovsk Region; Dmitry Ternovsky, web blogger, Moscow; Vyacheslav Martynov, journalist, Anapa newspaper, Krasnodar Region.

August: film crews for Channel Five and Volga TV Company, both attacked in Nizhny Novgorod; Dmitry Shchedrin, freelance photographer, Moscow; Dmitry Zykov, correspondent, Grani.ru, Moscow; Andrei Novichkov, journalist, Fronde TV web channel, Moscow; Yevgeny Starshov, correspondent, Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Moscow; Arslan Khasavov, correspondent, BBC Russian Service, Moscow.

September: Yevgenia Kurilyonok, chief editor, Inside newspaper, Voronezh; REN TV film crew, Moscow; Alexander Singurov, chief editor, Novoshakhtinskaya Pravda newspaper, Rostov Region; film crew, Katun 24 TV Company, Altai Region; Alexander Fyodorov, correspondent, Pskov newsline, Pskov Region; Omar Magomedov, correspondent, NTV North Caucasian office, Makhachkala; Maxim Polyakov, cameraman, Den TV show, Republic of Komi; Dmitry Tayevsky, chief editor, Babr.ru website, Irkutsk.

October: Vladimir Gushchin, cameraman, Vologda State TV/Radio Company, Vologda; Yuri Kosorotov, cameraman, Vesti-Ryazan TV company, Ryazan Region; Andrei Tsarkov, freelance journalist, Tver; Andrei Ryssev, reporter, Kogita.ru web publication, St. Petersburg; Sergey Avdeyev, correspondent, Vedomosti Ural web portal, Yekaterinburg; Pyotr Kovalev, reporter, Interpress news agency, St. Petersburg.

November: Denis Prikhodko, journalist, AIF-Peterburg magazine, St. Petersburg; Yelena Nikishchenko, correspondent, Kommersant-Ural newspaper, Yekaterinburg; Alexander Kalinin, journalist, RosBalt news agency, St. Petersburg; Dmitry Zykov, correspondent, Grani.ru, Moscow.

December: Yevgeny Skutin, journalist, Alteks Media TV Company, Sverdlovsk Region; Kristina Vangonen, correspondent, MyMozhem.ru web portal, St. Petersburg; Anna Astafyeva, journalist, Krai Ryazansky TV Company, Ryazan; Alexander Chernykh, correspondent, Kommersant newspaper, Moscow; Anatoly Baranov, chief editor, Forum.msk.ru, Moscow; Veniamin Trubachev, Moscow correspondent for Inter TV Channel (Ukraine); film crew, Rossiya 24 TV Channel, Moscow.

The number of attacks on journalists in 2010 totalled 58, in 2009 – 59.

Attacks on newspaper offices and TV centres – 4

(Radio/TV centre in Tsumadin district of Dagestan; Zemlya Vyatskaya newspaper, Kirov Region; Inside newspaper, Voronezh; Novokuznetsk independent TV company “Channel Ten”, Kemerovo Region).

A total of 8 media outlets were attacked in 2010, and 10 in 2009.

Instances of censorship – 52

(Militseiskaya Volna radio station, Republic of Karelia; Pust Govoryat TV show, Channel One, Moscow; Kommersant newspaper, Moscow; Bratsk TV/Radio Company, Irkutsk Region; NTV channel, Moscow; Surgutskaya Tribuna newspaper, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region; Vladimirskiye Vedomosti newspaper, Vladimir; Channel One, Moscow – censored twice; website Vesti Karelii, Komi Republic; Tambov media, Tambov; Amur.Info news agency, Blagoveshchensk; Dozhd TV channel, Moscow; RF Investigative Committee Department for Republic of Mariy El; media in Sverdlovsk Region; website of Business Club magazine, Penza; media in Samara Region; website of newspaper Vesti Karelii, Republic of Karelia; Sosnogorsk TV, Komi Republic; Pomorye TV/Radio Company, Arkhangelsk; RTV-Podmoskovye TV/Radio Company, Moscow Region; STS-Komi Channel, Komi Republic; NTV Channel, Moscow; Bolshaya Semya TV show, Moscow; media in Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria; Krasny Uralets newspaper, Chelyabinsk Region; Channel One, Moscow; Verstov.info website, Chelyabinsk Region; Avangard newspaper, Akrkhangelsk Region; media in Perm Region; Moskva-24 TV channel, Moscow; Novokuibyshevsky Vestnik newspaper, Samara Region; Nevskoye Vremya newspaper, St. Petersburg; Zhivaya Kuban news portal, Krasnodar; Kazarma-Blog; Tsentralnoye Televideniye show, Moscow; NTVshniki show, Moscow; Nerealnaya Politika show, NTV, Moscow; VGTRK Channel, Moscow; Channel One, Moscow; Sverdlovsk Regional Television, Yekaterinburg; Abakan radio station, Khakassia; Inosmi.ru web portal, Moscow; Central Electoral Commission – on TV; Ekho Moskvy radio station, Moscow; Gazeta.ru, Moscow; Noviye Kolyosa newspaper, Kaliningrad; Priazovskiye Stepi newspaper, Krasnodar Region; Verstov.info news agency website, Chelyabinsk Region; all federal TV channels; NTV, Moscow).

A total of 29 media outlets came under censorship in 2010 and 33 in 2009.

Criminal charges against journalists and media – 42


(Dmitry Zidlyayev, editor-in-chief, newspaper Parma, Perm Region; Lydia Rtishcheva, former editor-in-chief, newspaper Molot, Rostov-on-Don; Nikolai Kirillov, editor-in-chief, newspaper Vechernyaya Ryazan, Ryazan; Vladimir Osipov, freelance journalist, Vladimir Region; Aleksandr Tolmachev, former editor, regional supplement Argumenty Nedeli-Yug, Rostov-on-Don; Alla Chernyshova, editor, website ecmo.ru and newspaper Khimkinskaya Pravda Zhiva, Moscow Region; news bulletin Spravedlivaya Rossiya, Kursk; Andrey Koretsky, editor, UralDaily website, Chelyabinsk; Boris Obraztsov, founder and editor, newspaper Tridevyaty Region, Kaliningrad; Vitaly Obukhov, journalist, newspaper Belovsky Vestnik, Kemerovo Region; Margarita Yefremova, deputy editor-in-chief, newspaper Yuzhny Federalny, Rostov-on-Don; Oleg Gusev, editor-in-chief, and Roman Perin, deputy editor-in-chief, newspapers Potayonnoye and Za Russkoye Delo, St. Petersburg; Sergey Kurt-Adzhiyev, former editor-in-chief, newspaper Novaya Gazeta v Samare, Samara; Oleg Teplishchev, correspondent, newspaper Zhitel, Astrakhan; Vassily Kuchkov, editor, newspaper Priazovsky Krai, Rostov-on-Don; Alexei Navalny, founder of RosPil anti-corruption project; Oleg Lurye, freelance journalist, Moscow; Artemy Troitsky, Novaya Gazeta - two criminal cases; Yuri Yegorov, blogger, Kazan; Lyudmila Boldyreva, editor-in-chief and co-owner, newspaper Tikhookeanskaya Zvezda, Khabarovsk; Rustam Fakhretdinov, freelance journalist, Tyumen; Lyudmila Mezentseva, editor, district newspaper Selskaya Pravda, Kurgan Region; Vladislav Nikitenko, newspaper Amursky Letopisets, Blagoveshchensk – 5 times; Igor Grishchenko, editor-in-chief, newspaper Moskovskiy Komsomolets v Yakutii, Yakutsk; Irina Aleksandrova, editor, and Sergey Krasilnikov, journalist, both of Ulyanovsk Online web portal, Ulyanovsk; Gleb Ivanov, chief editor, Fakt I Kompromat newspaper, Astrakhan; Nikita Volgin, general director, Nevsky Sport web portal, St. Petersburg; Mugudin Kakhrimanov, chief editor, Golos Naroda newspaper, Republic of Dagestan; Pyotr Vassilyev, chief editor, Svirskiye Ogni newspaper, Leningrad Region; Sergey Rogozhuk, editor-in-chief, Argumenty Nedeli – Severo-Zapad newspaper, Pskov; Nikolai Kirillov, staff member, Vechernyaya Ryazan newspaper, Ryazan; Yevgeny Koltsov, editor, Vesti Okhanska newspaper, Perm Region; Dmitry Prinin, blogger, Moscow Region – two cases; Boris Obraztsov, publisher, Tridevyaty Region newspaper, Kaliningrad; Alexander Tolmachev, editor, Upolnomochen Zayavit newspaper, Rostov Region).

The relevant figures were 45 for 2010 and 37 for 2009.

Illegal sacking of editor, journalist – 28

(Anatoly Tabachkov, editor-in-chief, newspaper Nakhodkinsky Rabochiy, Maritime Territory; Lyudmila Bryzgalina, editor-in-chief, newspaper Sem Dnei v Primorye, Maritime Territory; Yulia Biktimirova, press service employee, Chita eparchy; Dmitry Gubin, journalist, Vesti FM radio station, Moscow; Yevgeny Kotyayev, editor-in-chief, newspaper Kurskaya Pravda, Kursk; Semyon Vakhstein, editor, Ekho Penzy radio station, Penza; Lyudmila Vidmer, editor, newspaper Zarya, Altai Region; Svetlana Guseva, editor-in-chief, newspaper Oloniya, Republic of Karelia; Valentina Matyukhina, editor, newspaper Nasha Zhizn, Kaliningrad Region; Svetlana Alipova, editor, newspaper Perekryostok, Rostov Region; Georgy Popov, editor-in-chief, newspaperVecherny Volgograd, Volgograd; Olga Dubrovina, editor, newspaper Stepniye Izvestia, Samara Region; Yelena Orlova, director/editor-in-chief, newspaper Iskra, Perm Region; Nikolai Troitsky, political observer, RIA Novosti news agency, Moscow; Lyudmila Mezentseva, editor, district newspaper Selskaya Pravda, Kurgan Region; Irina Vassilyeva, director/chief editor, Novocherkasskiye Vedomosti newspaper, Rostov Region; Territoriya Biznesa magazine, St. Petersburg; Olga Dubrovina, editor, Stepniye Izvestia newspaper, Samara Region; Marina Shishkina, dean of St. Petersburg University School of Journalism, St. Petersburg; Anatoly Babikov, editor, Tribuna newspaper, Kurgan Region; Yelena Ponomaryova, editor-in-chief, Avangard newspaper, Arkhangelsk Region; Vladimir Yermishev, correspondent, Selskiye Vesti newspaper, Republic of Mordovia; Marina Yeliseyeva, editor, Tarskoye Priirtyshye newspaper, Omsk Region; Oksana Makeyeva, director, Tomsk State TV/Radio Company, Tomsk; Mikhail Kozlov, editor-in-chief, Znamya newspaper, Smolensk Region; Tatyana Syrvacheva, editor-in-chief, Respublika Bashkortostan newspaper, Bashkortostan; Maxim Shalygin, journalist, Golos Rossii State Radio Station, Moscow; Irina Vassilyeva, editor, Novocherkasskiye Vedomosti newspaper, Rostov Region).

A total of 31 journalists were illegally sacked in 2010 and 15 in 2009.

Detention by police, FSB, etc. – 132

January: Dmitry Zykov, journalist, Grani.ru web publication, Moscow, detained twice; Andrei Poznyakov, correspondent, Ekho Moskvy radio station, Moscow; Pavel Barabanshchikov, editor, newspaper Barrikada, Penza; Andrei Rysev, correspondent, Kogita.ru web publication, St. Petersburg; Sergey Chazov and Andrei Nekrasov, correspondents, Den news agency, Izhevsk; Yelena Khrustalyova, correspondent, Caucasian Knot news agency, Stavropol; Pavel Smolyak, editor-in-chief, Shum magazine, Sergei Yeremeyev, correspondent, Sensusnovus.ru web portal, and Fyodor Gorozhanko, correspondent, Zalivayev.spb website – all three from St. Petersburg.

February: Piotr Falkowski and Marek Borawski of Polish newspaper Nasz Dziennik, both detained in Moscow Region, twice; Luke Harding, The Guardian reporter, detained in Moscow Region; Andrei Koretsky, owner and editor of website UralDaily.ru, Chelyabinsk; Rimma Akhmirova, correspondent, Sobesednik magazine, Krasnodar Region; Dmitry Florin, correspondent, Caucasian Knot news agency, Moscow; Alla Chernyshova, editor, website ecmo.ru and newspaper Khimkinskaya Pravda Zhiva, Moscow Region; Yevgeny Tatarnikov, freelance reporter, newspaper Rezonans, Saratov Region; Pavel Yermolov, graphics designer, NTV, Moscow; Yevgeny Titov, correspondent, newspaper Novaya Gazeta, and Yuri Kutsenko, journalist, newspaper Chelovek Truda, both detained in Krasnodar Region.

March: Yulia Aleksandrova, correspondent, Tulskiye Novosti news agency, Tula; Yevgeny Feldman, correspondent, newspaper Novaya Gazeta, Moscow; Pyotr Zimovets, reporter, newspaper Oblastniye Vesti, Kursk Region; Aleksandr Alperovich and Andrei Morgunov, correspondents, newspaper Grazhdansky Golos, Nizhny Novgorod; Vladimir Mashatin, photo correspondent, newspaper Noviye Izvestia, Moscow; Dmitry Salyukov, journalist, Gorodskiye Vesti newspaper, Sverdlovsk Region; Natiya Paladashvili and Andrei Lisichenko, correspondent and cameraman, First Georgian TV Channel, St. Petersburg.

April: Natalia Fonina, journalist, newspaper Udarny Front, Maritime Region; crew of reporters for Vesti Orenburzhya TV show, Orenburg; Aleksandr Drozdov, photographer, Trend Agency, St. Petersburg; Elkhan Mirzoyev, freelance journalist, Moscow; Margarita Yefremova, deputy editor-in-chief, newspaper Yuzhny Federalny, Rostov-on-Don; Sergey Slykhanov, freelance reporter for Ulyanovsk Online web publication, Ulyanovsk; Nikolai Khriyenko, journalist, Kiev-based newspaper Den, detained in Bryansk Region.

May: Viktor Shamayev, correspondent, Kasparov.ru, Penza; Dmitry Chernovsky, freelance journalist, Moscow; crew of reporters for Stavropolye TV/Radio Company, Stavropol; Alexei Matveyev and Natiya Poladashvili, reporters for Georgian TV Company PIK, detained in Moscow.

June: Tatyana Sedykh, editor-in-chief, newspaper Moyo Poberezhye, Khabarovsk Region; Alexei Sokhovich, blogger, Yekaterinburg; crew of reporters, NeSekretno website, Perm; Abubakar Rizvanov, head of Dagestan’s Khuda-Media news agency, Makhachkala; Dmitry Zhvaniya, editor-in-chief, sensusnovus.ru web portal, St. Petersburg; Natalia Romanova, correspondent, and Akhmet Mudarisov, cameraman, both of REN-TV, detained in Ulyanovsk Region; Vladimir Komissarov, cameraman, Dozhd TV Channel, and Allexander Fyodorov, cameraman, Russian Travel Guide TV Channel, both of Moscow.

July: Yuri Soshin, APN correspondent, Karachai-Cherkess Republic; Yevgeny Feldman, photo correspondent, newspaper Novaya Gazeta, Moscow - twice; Mikhail Kirtser, journalist, newspaper Kommersant, Moscow; Andrei Gorbunov, correspondent, Life.news, and Alexander Rodionov, Novy Region news agency, both of Yekaterinburg; crew of reporters for Volga TV Company, Nizhny Novgorod; Igor Grishchenko, editor-in-chief, newspaper Moskovskiy Komsomolets v Yakutii, Yakutia; Ilya Varlamov, photo blogger, and REN-TV crew of reporters, all of Moscow.

August: Oleg Altovsky, editor-in-chief, Izvestiya Kaliningrada newspaper, Kaliningrad; Yevgeny Feldman, correspondent, Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Moscow; film crew, Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., detained in Trans-Baikal Region.

September: Ruslan Alibekov, photo correspondent, Chernovik newspaper, and Zakir Magomedov, freelance journalist, both of Makhachkala, Dagestan; film crew of Yurgan TV channel, Republic of Komi; Alexei Ovchinnikov, correspondent, Vzglyad-Info news agency, Saratov; Nikolai Kirillov, reporter, Vechernyaya Ryazan newspaper, Ryazan.

October: film crew of Lithuania’s First National TV Channel, detained in Kaliningrad; Ruslan Alibekov, photo correspondent, Chernovik newspaper, and Boris Alibulatov, cameraman, Makhachkala Internet TV, both detained in Makhachkala; film crews of Vecherny Sochi and EFKATE television companies, both detained in Krasnodar Region; Yelena Kostyuchenko, Novaya Gazeta correspondent, Moscow; Vladimir Kantemir, editor, Vechorka newspaper, Chita; Vera Kichanova, Novaya Gazeta author, Moscow; Yevgeny Feldman, Novaya Gazeta correspondent, Moscow; Pavel Smolyak, editor, Shum web magazine, St. Petersburg.

November: Anna Busygina, journalist, Dozhd TV channel, and Lolita Gruzdeva, journalist, Kommersant-FM radio station, both detained in Moscow; Anton Nosik, blogger, detained at Domodedovo airport, Moscow; Maxim Kulayev, journalist, Rabkor.ru portal, St. Petersburg; Oleg Myasoyedov, correspondent, Piter.tv channel, St. Petersburg; Andrei Novichkov, correspondent, Fronde TV web channel, Moscow; Dmitry Zykov, correspondent, Grani.ru web newspaper, Moscow; Sergey Mingazov, editor, AmurMedia news agency, Khabarovsk; Ilshat Ganiyatullin, correspondent, Vakyt newspaper, Ufa; Alexander Ignashov, staffer, DLD cable TV channel, Samara.

December: Soslan Kokoyev, chief editor, Uatsamonga website, Vladikavkaz; Maria Pliyeva, freelancer, Vladikavkaz; Alexei Kamensky, editor, Forbes.ru, Moscow; Ilya Varlamov, freelancer, Moscow; Lev Oborin, editor, Rolling Stone magazine, Moscow; Yevgeny Yershov, correspondent, Izvestia newspaper, Moscow; Konstantin Krylov, editor-in-chief, Political News Agency web portal, Moscow; Sergey Chevalkon, Sergey Konkov, both photo correspondents for Dp.ru, St. Petersburg; Denis Korotkov, Fontanka.ru correspondent, Alexander Petrosyan, Kommersant photo correspondent, Alexandra Konfisakhor, Delovoy Peterburg correspondent, Yevgeny Voronov, Dp.ru staff member, Alexei Dyachenko, Zaks.ru correspondent – all of St. Petersburg; Alexandra Garmazhapova, Olga Myasnikova, Oleg Mukhin – all three Media-SPb correspondents, Victoria Vzyatysheva, iUni correspondent, St. Petersburg; Yana Makarova, RIA Novosti correspondent, Grigory Nazarenko, trainee reporter – both of Moscow; Vladimir Bykov, RIA Novosti correspondent, St. Petersburg; Maxim Blant, economic observer for NEWSru.com, Moscow; Alexander Chernykh, correspondent, Kommersant newspaper, Moscow; Yelena Kostyuchenko and Arkady Babchenko, Novaya Gazeta correspondents, Bozhena Rynska, Gazeta.ru observer, all three of Moscow; Anatoly Baranov, chief editor, FORUM.msk.ru web portal, Moscow; Roman Dobrokhotov, Slon.ru correspondent, Moscow; Darya Korsunskaya, Reuters correspondent, Ilya Barabanov, The New Times correspondent – both of Moscow; Ilya Azar, Lenta.ru reporter, Moscow; Alexei Sochnev, editor, Besttoday.ru website, Moscow; Laura Ilyina, freelance photographer, Moscow; Alexander Utkin, photographer, Moskovskiye Novosti newspaper, and Sergey Ponomaryov, Associated Press photographer – both of Moscow; Viktor Polyakov and Dmitry Lazarev, freelance reporters for Ridus news agency, Moscow; Nikolai Galkin, photo correspondent, Itogi magazine, Moscow; Alexander Komelkov, Arsenyevskiye Vesti correspondent, detained in St. Petersburg; Alexander Skobov, Grani.ru observer, St. Petersburg; Arthur Mamin, editor, Gaudeamus newspaper, St. Petersburg; Alla Maksimova, Ekho Peterburga correspondent, St. Petersburg; Kirill Artyomenko, Izvestia correspondent, and Timur Zainullin, Interfax news agency correspondent, both of St. Petersburg; Vassily Klepsky and Andrei Vyalov, Partiya magazine correspondents, both of St. Petersburg; Andrei Zakharov, Fontanka.ru journalist, St. Petersburg; Alexander Astafyev, freelance reporter for Novaya Gazeta, St. Petersburg; Sergey Yezhov, chief editor, 7х7.ru web magazine, and Konstantin Smirnov, Novaya Gazeta v Ryazani observer – both of Ryazan; Andrei Shopsha, photographer, and Valery Chernitsyn, author – both of Krasnoye Znamya newspaper, Syktyvkar; Sergey Shevchenko, Bel.ru news agency correspondent, Vladimir Kornev, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belgorode correspondent, and Timur Yusupov, Russkiy Reporter correspondent – all three of Belgorod; Andrei Koshik, FederalPress news agency observer, Krasnodar; Dmitry Kolezev and Ruslan Ismailov, URA.ru news agency correspondents, Yekaterinburg; Timur Yashuvov, Dezhurnaya Chast crime news show reporter, and Islam Abakarov, freelance journalist – both of Makhachkala; Lyudmila Ramiltseva, Novaya Yezhenedelnaya Gazeta correspondent from Pervouralsk, detained in Yekaterinburg; Alexander Tolmachev, editor, Upolnomochen Zayavit newspaper, Rostov Region - twice; Alevtina Dongur-ool, Risk-Inform weekly correspondent, Republic of Tyva; Arkady Babchenko, Novaya Gazeta correspondent, Moscow; Alexander Kirpichenko, Astrakhanskaya Pravda correspondent, Astrakhan).

The relevant figures for 2010 and 2009 were 90 and 62 media workers detained, respectively.

Legal claims against journalists and media, registered – 241, with a total of 393,652,007 roubles claimed from them in moral damages.

Denial of access to information (including bans on audio/video recording and photography; denials of accreditation; restrictions on visits to or presence at events held in government agencies, at industrial enterprises, in state institutions, etc.) – 404, vs. 314 in 2010 and 320 in 2009.

Threats against journalists and media – 66

January: Yevgeny Vyshenkov, deputy director, Agency of Journalistic Investigations, St. Petersburg; Alexander Lugovskoy, editor, newspaper Ladoga Online, Republic of Karelia.

February: Sergey Krasilnikov, journalist, website Ulyanovsk Online, Ulyanovsk; Yevgeny Tatarnikov, freelance reporter, newspaper Rezonans, Saratov Region.

March: web publications Studline and Zebra, Voronezh; newspaper Zianchurinskiye Zori, Republic of Bashkortostan; newspaper Kabansk-Info, Republic of Buryatia; Natalia Beshkareva, editor-in-chief, newspaper Pro Gorod, Republic of Komi; Andrei Khokhlov, observer, newspaper Gorodskiye Novosti, Krasnoyarsk.

April: Natalia Fonina, journalist, newspaper Udarny Front, Maritime Region; staffers of Business Club magazine, Penza; Ilya Tyan, cameraman, Alpha Channel, Blagoveshchensk; crew of reporters for SurgutInterNovosti TV Company, Tyumen Region; Nadezhda Popova, journalist, newspaper Argumenty Nedeli, Moscow – threatened twice; Yelena Mikhalkova, Елена Михалькова, editor-in-chief, and Yevgeny Sidelnikov, cameraman, MTV-Abaza TV Company, Republic of Khakassia; Semyon Kolobayev, journalist, newspaper MosOblEko, Moscow Region; Yelena Zubova, editor, website Yasenevo-2, Moscow; Dmitry Ternovsky and Ilya Varlamov, freelance journalists, Moscow; Denis Shulepov, photo correspondent, newspaper Krasnoye Znamya Severa, Republic of Komi – threatened twice.

May: Magomed Khanmagomedov, correspondent, Chernovik weekly, Republic of Dagestan; journalists of Express TV Company, Penza; Yuri Samsonov, reporter, newspaper Novosti Klina, Moscow Region; Angelina Novikova, freelance correspondent, Vashi Novosti web newspaper, Novgorod Region; Georgy Balakov, reporter, SaratovNews, Saratov; Eduard Shmonin, head of Chinovnik.ru web portal and Sever News magazine, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region; Valentina Serash, correspondent, Puls TV, Rostov.

June: Amir Amirov, cameraman, Russia Today TV Channel, Republic of North Ossetia; Vladimir Grechaninov, freelance journalist, Moscow.

July: Sergey Kuznetsov, freelance journalist, Yekaterinburg; Irina Granik, observer, newspaper Kommersant, Moscow; Vadim Rechkalov, journalist, newspaper Moskovskiy Komsomolets, Moscow; crew of reporters for Volga TV Company, Nizhny Novgorod; Vladimir Gusev, freelance journalist, Sverdlovsk Region; Vyacheslav Ubushiyev, correspondent, newspaper Sovremennaya Kalmykia, Elista.

August: Olga Drobysheva, general director, Bui-TV, Kostroma - twice; Andrei Khitrov, cameraman, Bui-TV, Kostroma; Vlada Rusina, journalist, Oka-TV, Moscow Region; Georgy Yans, freelancer, Moscow Region; staff of K Vashim Uslugam newspaper, Rostov Region; Yevgeny Starshov, correspondent, Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Moscow; Arslan Khasavov, correspondent, BBC Russian Service, Moscow; Sergey Kanev, crime reporter, Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Moscow.

September: staffers of TLTgorod.ru web portal, Samara Region; Alexander Singurov, editor-in-chief, Novoshakhtinskaya Pravda newspaper, Rostov Region; Sergey Vasyanin, editor-in-chief, Nashe Vremya TV show (REN TV v Penze); Yaroslav Kozulin, correspondent, Caucasian Knot news agency, Moscow; Maxim Polyakov, cameraman, Den TV show, Republic of Komi; Sergey Orlov, journalist, Ufimsky Zhurnal web magazine, Ufa; Dmitry Tayevsky, editor-in-chief, Babr.ru website, Irkutsk.

October: Andrei Tsarkov, freelance journalist, Tver; Yevgenia Timofeyeva, correspondent, URA.ru news agency, Yekaterinburg; Veniamin Dmitroshkin, Grani.ru correspondent, Ryazan Region; Natalia Fonina, correspondent, Arsenyevskiye Vesti newspaper, Vladivostok.

November: Yelena Nikishchenko, correspondent, Kommersant-Ural newspaper, Yekaterinburg; Tatyana Prishchenko, owner of Inside publication, Voronezh; Andrei Novichkov, correspondent, Fronde TV web channel, Moscow; film crew of Piter.tv, St/ Petersburg; NTV Plus television company, St. Petersburg; Yekaterina Rodina, correspondent, Russian News Service, Moscow.

December: Vitaly Shapran, editor-in-chief, Berdsk-Gorodskoy Vestnik newspaper, Novosibirsk Region - twice; Kristina Vangonen, correspondent, MyMozhem.ru web portal, St. Petersburg; Yakov Samokhin and Eleonora Solomennikova, head managers of SibInform Publishers’, Novosibirsk).

The relevant figures for 2010 and 2009 were 46 and 60, respectively.

Ejection of a newspaper, etc., from its premises – 7

(Khakassiya news agency, Abakan; STV network, Moscow Region; newspaper Velsk-Info, Arkhangelsk Region; newspaper Cherkessk: Vchera, Segodnya, Zavtra, Karachai-Cherkess Republic; newspaper Sobytiya, Moscow Region; newspaper Arsenyevskiye Vesti, Vladivostok; newspaper Selskaya Nov, Khabarovsk Region).

In 2010, 2 media outlets were ejected; in 2009 – 1 newspaper.

Refusal to print (or distribute) media – 27

(Zashchita newspaper, Krasnoyarsk Region; Svetlogorye newspaper, Kaliningrad Region; newspaper Moy Rayon, St. Petersburg; newspaper Pravda Primorya, Arkhangelsk, refused thrice; newspaper Veskyd Serni (Open Talk), Republic of Komi; media in Yaroslavl Region; newspaper Spravedlivaya Rossiya, St. Petersburg, 4 times; Spasayem Gorod bulletin, Krasnodar Region; Spravedlivaya Rossiya-Peterburg newspaper, St. Petersburg; Novaya Gazeta-Ryazan newspaper, Ryazan; Spravedlivaya Rossiya-Okonchatelny Diagnoz newspaper, Leningrad Region; Vechorka newspaper, Chita; Moy Gorod-Kostroma newspaper, Kostroma; Ivanovo-Press newspaper, Ivanovo; Sovetsky Sakhalin newspaper, Sakhalin Region - twice; RISK newspaper, Republic of Tyva; Sovetskaya Rossiya newspaper, Penza Region).

The number of such incidents totalled 24 in 2010 and 15 in 2009.

Disruption of TV or radio broadcasts – 11


(STV network, Moscow Region; state radio station, North Ossetia; cable radio, Moscow Region; Ekho Moskvy radio station and REN TV Channel, both in Ingushetia; Radio Roks, St. Petersburg; Irtyash TV/Radio Company, Chelyabinsk Region; Ekho Moskvy radio station, in Tula Region; Serebryany Dozhd radio station, in Saratov, twice; RTV channel, in Sverdlovsk Region).

The relevant figures were 12 for 2010 and 20 for 2009.

Closure of media – 23

(TV shows Kartina Maslom, Sud Vremeni and Programma Peredach – all on Channel Five, St. Petersburg; newspaper Yezhednevniye Novosti, Vladivostok; newspaper Ryazansky Dom, Ryazan; newspaper Sovet, Moscow Region; newspaper Vecherny Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk; Gzt.ru web publication; regional supplement to federal newspaper Izvestia, Yekaterinburg; Finans magazine, Moscow; Chernomorskaya Zdravnitsa newspaper, Krasnodar Region; Territoriya Biznesa magazine, St. Petersburg; BiznesEkonomikaPraktika magazine, Moscow; Kuryer Karelii newspaper, Petrozavodsk; TV7 magazine, Moscow; Sol web newspaper, Perm; Kultura newspaper, Moscow; Nerealnaya Politika TV show, NTV, Moscow; Live with Savik Schuster show, RBK-TV, Moscow; Rossiyskiye Vesti newspaper, Moscow; Itartass-sib website, Novosibirsk; Spros magazine, Moscow; Tolyattinskoye Obozreniye newspaper, Samara Region).

A total of 62 media were closed in 2010 and 82 in 2009.

Withdrawal, purchase or arrest of print run – 50

(Newspaper Spravedlivaya Rossiya, Kursk Region; newspaper Zashchita, Krasnoyarsk Region; newspaper Surgutskaya Tribuna, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region; newspaper Yayik, Orenburg Region; newspaper Nam Vsyo Yasno, Petrozavodsk; newspaper Pyatnitsa-13, Perm; newspaper Permskiye Sosedi, Perm; newspaper Spravedlivaya Rossiya-Peterburg, St. Petersburg; newspaper Chestnoye Slovo v Nashem Gorode, Tula Region; newspaper Zapolyarye, Republic of Komi; newspaper Kontinent-Sibir, in Barnaul; newspaper Listok, Republic of Altai; newspaper Versiya, Rostov Region; newspaper Stavropolsky Reporter, Stavropol Region; newspaper Samarskoye Obozreniye and Delo magazine, in Samara; Kommersant-Vlast magazine, in St. Petersburg; newspaper Sovremennaya Kalmykia, Elista; newspaper Izvestia Kaliningrada, Kaliningrad; Petrovsky Okrug newspaper, St. Petersburg; Spravedlivaya Rossiya-Peterburg newspaper, St. Petersburg; Spravedlivaya Rossiya-Okonchatelny Diagnoz newspaper, Leningrad Region; Krasny Yralets newspaper, Chelyabinsk Region; Gubernsky Vestnik and Levy Marsh newspapers – both in Ulyanovsk; Spravedlivaya Rossiya and Pravda v Altaiskom Kraye newspapers, both seized in Barnaul, Altai Region; Spravedlivaya Rossiya newspaper, seized in St. Petersburg and Ryazan; Pora newspaper, Irkutsk; Spravedlivaya Rossiya newspaper, Kurgan Region - thrice; Vestnik Spravedlivoi Rossii bulletin, Kurgan Region; Tulskaya Pravda newspaper, Tula - twice; LDPR Guberniya newspaper, Sverdlovsk Region; Permskaya Pravda newspaper, Perm Region; Zvezda Altaya newspaper, Gorno-Altaisk; Oblastnaya Gazeta newspaper, Volgograd; Yugorskiye Khroniki newspaper, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region; Spravedlivaya Rossiya newspaper, Yakutsk; My-Grazhdane newspaper, Voronezh; Vecherny Neftekamsk newspaper, Bashkortostan; Tolko LDPR newspaper, Maritime Region; Sovetskaya Rossiya newspaper, Tula; Zashchitim Ostrov Vassilyevsky newspaper, St. Petersburg; Moyo Poberezhye newspaper, Khabarovsk Region; Spravedlivaya Rossiya newspaper, Maritime Region; RISK newspaper, Republic of Tyva).

A total of 23 media suffered from this kind of pressure in 2010 and 19 in 2009.

Interference with internet publications – 76

(Khakassiya news agency, Abakan - twice; Ruleaks.net website; Rospil.info website; website of newspaper Solnechnogorskaya Gazeta, Moscow Region; website Ulyanovsk Online, Ulyanovsk; website of United Russia party; website Irinagundareva.com, Chelyabinsk; website of North Caucasian Ecological Watch; website of Tulskiye Novosti news agency, Tula; websites NeSekretno and Permskiye Sosedi, Perm; web portal LiveJournal; Websites of Russian Radio, Russian News Service, and radio stations HIT FM, Maximum, DFM and Monte Carlo; LiveJournal – thrice; website of Zenit football club, St. Petersburg; Novaya Gazeta website; Nashi Movement’s website – twice; Stal organisation’s website - twice; Mestniye Movement’s website; Ingushetia.org website; LiveJournal; Golos Ingushetii website, twice; Yakutia parliament’s website; RosPil project and LiveJournal – in Ulyanovsk; RIA Novosti blog; website of Khabarovsk Region branch of United Russia party; LiveJoirnal, twice; website of RF Higher Qualification College of Judges; website of newspaper Anapa, Krasnodar Region; Gorod-Pen website, Omsk; Pravoye Delo party website; Ufimsky Zhurnal web magazine, Ufa; Bankfax website, Barnaul; FederalPress news agency website; website of Zabytiy Polk (Forsaken Regiment) Inter-Regional Coordinating Centre; website of March 8 Parents’ Movement; MyMozhem.ru web portal; Livejournal - thrice; Kommersant Publishers’ website; Zaks.ru website; Lenizdat.ru website; Novaya Gazeta v Peterburge’s website; GOLOG Association Map of Violations website; Slon.ru website; Bolshoi Gorod magazine website; The New Times magazine website; Ekho Moskvy radio station website; PublicPost web portal; Kommersant newspaper’s website; Human Rights in Russia website; Dozhd TV channel’s website; Antikarusel website; Novaya Gazeta newspaper’s website - twice; Zhurnalist magazine’s website; Verstov.info news agency website; United Russia party faction’s website; Yezhednevny Zhurnal website; Deita news agency website).

The relevant figures were 58 for 2010 and 57 in 2009.

Issue of duplicate, i.e. rival, publications – 15

(Newspaper Spravedlivaya Rossiya-Altaisky Krai, Barnaul - twice; Spravedlivaya Rossiya-Altaisky Krai newspaper, Barnaul - twice; Trudovaya Samara newspaper, Samara; Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Moscow - twice; Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, Amur Region; KPRF na Altaye newspaper, Altai Region; Vechenry Pervouralsk Svobodny newspaper, Sverdlovsk Region; Kommunisty Amura newspaper, Blagoveshchensk; Krasny Voronezh newspaper, Voronezh; Pervomaisky Vestnik newspaper, Altai Region; Argumenty I Fakty newspaper, Izhevsk; Vecherny Novoaltaisk newspaper, Gorno-Altaisk).

The relevant figures for 2010 and 2009 were 13 and 2, respectively.

Damage to photo, video or audio apparatus and computers – 25

(Photo camera and PC of Piotr Falkowski and Marek Borawski, correspondents for newspaper Nasz Dziennik, confiscated in Moscow Region; PC of Andrei Koretsky, website UralDaily.ru, Chelyabinsk; Dictaphone of Sergey Krasilnikov, journalist, Ulyanovsk Online web publication, Ulyanovsk; Dictaphone of Avtoradio correspondent, and video cassette of Alpha Channel, Blagoveshchensk; video cassette of SurgutInterNovosti TV Company, Tyumen Region; PC of Vitaly Obukhov, journalist, newspaper Belovsky Vestnik, Kemerovo Region; video camera of NTV reporter Yuri Ugryumov, Stavropol Region; 3 PCs of newspaper Yuzhny Federalny, Rostov-on-Don; Dictaphone of Ivan Tarasenko, reporter for newspaper Sovetsky Sport, Moscow; photo camera of newspaper Novosti Klina, Moscow Region; photo camera of Ruslan Alibekov, correspondent for Chernovik weekly, Makhachkala; computer of Bui-TV company, Kostroma; photo camera of Alexei Rassolov, reporter for Klin-based newspaper MosOblEko – in Moscow; video camera of Format TV company, St. Petersburg; camera of REN TV film crew, Moscow; TV camera of Volograd TV/Radio Company, Vologda; video cassette of Vecherny Sochi TV Company, Krasnodar Region; TV camera of film crew of Vesti-Ryazan TV show, Ryazan Region; Dictaphone machine of Andrei Ryssev, correspondent for Kogita.ru web newspaper, St. Petersburg; photo camera of Pyotr Kovalev, correspondent for Interpress news agency, St. Petersburg; photo camera, video camera and PC of Ilshat Ganiyatullin, correspondent for Vakyt newspaper, Ufa).

A total of 21 such incidents were registered in 2010 and 25 in 2009.

Administrative pressure (unplanned inspections by sanitary, fire, tax inspectors, etc.) - 26

(Newspapers Moy Rayon, Vash Tainy Sovetnik, MK v Pitere, Fontanka.ru, and Gorod 812 magazine – all of St. Petersburg; newspaper Kurskaya Pravda, Kursk; Dagestan TV/Radio Company, Republic of Dagestan; newspaper Arsenyevskiye Vesti, Vladivostok; Sovetskaya Kuban TV show, Krasnodar; Krestyanin Publishers’, Rostov Region; newspaper Yarkovosti, Tyumen Region, twice; newspaper Stepniye Izvestia, Samara Region; newspaper Anapa, Krasnodar Region; Zori Manycha newspaper, Rostov Region; Tomsk State TV/Radio Company, Tomsk; website of ChelNovosti.ru news agency, and Gennady Dontsov, editor-in-chief, Yuzhnouralets newspaper, Chelyabinsk Region; СМИ Пермского края; Moy Gorod-Kostroma newspaper, Kostroma; Slava Trudu newspaper, Rostov Region; Viktor Zyryanov, correspondent, Orlovskaya Pravda newspaper, Orel; BankFax news agency, Barnaul; Dostup.ru website, Chelyabinsk Region; RISK newspaper, Republic of Tyva; Sergey Davydov, editor, TLTgorod web portal, Samara Region).

A total of 12 such instances of administrative pressure were recorded in 2010.

Economic pressure – 4

(Anapa newspaper, Krasnodar Region; Sovetsky Sakhalin newspaper, Sakhalin Region; Zvezda Pridonya newspaper, Rostov Region; municipal newspapers in Rostov Region).

The year 2010 saw 4 such incidents, too.

Other forms of pressure and infringement of journalists’ rights – 316

(Cf. 339 in 2010 and 385 in 2009).

For details, see http://www.gdf.ru/monitoring и http://mediaconflictsinrussia.org/

In memoriam: Viktor D. Sadovsky

We inform the readers with deep regret that Viktor Danilovich Sadovsky, GDF correspondent in the Volga Federal District, passed away in Samara on 7 January after a long and severe period of illness.

He was Deputy Chairman of the Grand Jury of the Samara Region branch of the Russian Journalists’ Union; a professor at the Volga State Academy for Social Sciences and the Humanities; a Merited Culture Worker of the Russian Federation; and an Honorary Barrister of Russia. A victim of Stalinist repressions, he was fully exonerated after Stalin’s death. A correspondent for the newspapers Volzhskaya Zarya, Volzhsky Komsomolets, Volzhskaya Kommuna and Samarskiye Izvestia, he wrote for Rossiysky Advokat magazine for a long time, and since 2009, he contributed reports about violations of media and journalists’ rights to the Glasnost Defence Foundation’s Digest.

In spite of his advanced age – he lived until 76 – Viktor Sadovsky was always buoyant and optimistic – and always eager to give a helping hand to anyone in need of it.

Peace to his ashes – we will miss Viktor greatly.

GDF Team


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